Drones have quickly become a huge industry. Nowadays, you will find drones flying over your head often. These unmanned aircraft systems are piloted from the ground using a control station and offer simple solutions for many a dangerous task.

The drone industry is booming, and most predict it will be a multibillion-dollar sector within years. Industries like industrial inspection, border patrol, photography, fire fighting, and more have all adopted the technology with great success.

Drones & Insurance

Even insurance companies have gotten in on the drone craze. Using drones to survey damage after a disaster has become common practice for insurers. As such, insurance companies know exactly how much risk can be associated with using a drone.

Drones are not cheap, either. Thus, all drone owners should understand and evaluate their insurance options. So here are nine real risks every drone user faces:

1. Crash & Collision

If you are piloting a drone and you cannot see another aircraft, there could be a disaster coming. Mid-air collisions can happen when using a drone. Typically, these accidents will occur with:

1.       Other drones

2.       Helicopters

3.       Agricultural aircraft

4.       Commercial aircraft landing or departing

2. Malicious Attacks

Drones can be used for evil, too. There have been reports of drones being used to target infrastructure, and many have concerns about a drone attacking a large crowd at a stadium or concert.

3. Losing Control

No new technology is perfect. It is common to lose control of a drone. This happens if the device flies out of range, if the frequency is interrupted, or a system failure occurs. There have already been numerous reports of such incidents, including major injuries.

4. Spoof Alert

Spoofing occurs when someone attempts to take control of a drone by hacking the signal and commanding the aircraft from a different control station. This is a huge risk. Cyber attacks can result in a drone being stolen out of mid-air.

5. No Regulations

Using a drone still has a bit of the wild, wild west feel. There are very few regulations regarding drone use throughout the world. This could become a real problem, especially when sharing airspace with military operations.

6. Problems with Privacy

Many are concerned with the ability of drones to spy and invade privacy. Drones can be used to invade privacy, trespass, and more. Soon, the Federal Aviation Administration will provide drone owners with a set of guidelines dedicated to privacy.

7. Skill of Operator

Many drone owners are novice hobbyists looking to have fun and mess around with new technology. These pilots are rarely skilled and can provide a large risk to public safety when playing with their unmanned aircraft.

8. Crazy Growth

Any industry that is predicted to see such growth as drones are will have some risks. Drone use is expected to triple by 2020. This will lead to a lot more bad pilots out there and more problems.

9. Insuring Drones

Ultimately, insuring drones will be a difficult endeavor. Many hobbyists will not want to insure their drones. Many businesses will require full coverage. An underwriter will have to look at the aviation risks of an unmanned aircraft in a different manner to manned aviation.