Most people lock their doors when they leave the house and when sleeping. You probably brush your teeth on a daily basis to prevent cavities and gum disease. Wearing sunscreen is commonplace when enjoying the great outdoors. Going to the gym ensures one becomes healthier and happier. The risks of not going to the gym outweigh the pain of the gains for many.

While Americans are relatively cautious in certain ways, some fail to realize the actual risk of disability. Research has shown only 40% of Americans hold some form sort of income protection stemming from in the form of disability insurance. This means three out of every five people you work with won't receive an income if they become disabled in the future.

Statistics Meant to Scare

Think about this: the risk of having your home broken into is one in 36, but the risk that a 20-year-old today will find themselves disabled before they retire is one in four. You're nines times more likely to become disabled than your to have your home broken into,. yet, everyone has insurance against robberies. Meanwhile, Only only 40% of individuals are protected against disabilities.

Understanding Insurance in the United States

Americans protect their families and assets with a variety of insurance policies. With the variety of policies and plans available, you can cover nearly every one of your bases these days. Nearly 87% of Americans have health insurance. Over 71% of us have rental or homeowner's policies. Even 61% of the people in the United States have dental coverage.

However, only 40% of people have disability insurance. It's hard for to come to grips with this statistic. , especially when Dental dental plans are not more important that than disability coverage.

For the Family

Americans value family. You value your family – just like everyone else values their loved ones.  And no one doubts that income is a vital aspect of a family's overall well-being. One in four people knows they could not cover their bills and family expenses for even a one month if they didn't have income,.  yet, most people refuse to protect their income against disability. That's a significant risk many take, and one that could easily be avoided with proper disability coverage.

Employers Have a Role

Dental coverage can be cheap, especially when it's tacked on to the end of a health plan filled with benefits. Thus, many employers offer dental coverage, and many Americans keep their teeth clean. However, Disability disability coverage is different. Many find disability insurance a bit pricier than other complimentary complementary policies.

For this reason, many employers skimp on the disability component of insurance coverage or do not encourage employees to sign up. Don't let this happen! Individuals cannot protect themselves against threats they aren't planning on, a. And most people don't expect to become disabled.

Take Things Into Your Hands

It's imperative to inform employers of the importance of disability coverage for their employees. Make sure you employers understand the grave financial disaster one's that can befall a family can incur if disability strikes you.

Employers can benefit by integrating medical benefits and disability insurance. In doing so, many employers find employees getting back to work sooner after injuries and illnesses. If your company is looking to control absenteeism, this could be the perfect solution.

Ultimately, disability insurance offers Americans an important step to fully protecting their income against disaster, illnesses, and injuries. Disability policies have helped many avoid bankruptcy and offer great peace. 



" 1 in 4 people currently at 20 years of age will become disabled before they retire"


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