Could you image how much work and dedication goes into owning a successful restaurant?

If you're a restaurant owner then you know what it is like to work day after day, year after year, growing your business. For those of you in the midst of growing our business, imagine a day where you reached a point of fulfillment. Picture your restaurant flourishing beyond your wildest dreams. You've hired the right professionals to operate your restaurant and now you've retired. 

Everything is going great and then one day you get a phone call... 55 people are sick with food-borne illnesses, which they got from eating at your restaurant. 

Turns out while you where on vacation in Bali the people you hired to run your business decided to purchase spinach from a new vendor and now you're facing 55 different lawsuits. The media is jumping down your throat and people are very sick. Worse of all, you could have prevented this from happening. Yup, you blew it because you decided to decline insurance coverage, which protected from this exact situation.

Don't think this could happen to you? Ask the owners of Chiptole Mexican Grill what they think about insurance coverage for food-borne illness.


Chipotle's firestorm was about more than one risk. It was about product safety and workplace safety coming together to ignite a chain of sick customers up and down their chain of restaurants. The reports were about norovirus and E. coli making customers sick and the eventual spread that followed.

When employees come to work sick and then touch food and food preparation areas, it really doesn't matter if the food products are all that safe. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one in six Americans become ill every year from contaminated food or beverages.

Whether the contamination started in the food supply chain isn't all that important if your employees are ill when they walk in the kitchen door. Loyal employees are gold, but sick loyal employees are like explosives waiting for detonation. Whether you are a Mom and Pop shop or a franchise, you must mitigate the risk.

Trade Name Restoration Coverage

The best answer to the significant financial loss of your  business ill be a Business Interruption/Trade Name Restoration (TNR) policy. The coverages provided in this stand-alone policy go further than your general liability coverage when it comes to saving your client's business from financial devastation.

  • Business Interruption
  • Loss of profits
  • Trade Name Restoration
  • Crisis Management

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