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Traveling This Summer? 5 Things to Know Before You Go!

Traveling This Summer? 5 Things to Know Before You Go!

Americans love to travel in the summer, and more people travel between Memorial Day and Labor Day than any other time of the year. Trips often are by plane and include checking luggage, renting vehicles, hotel or home rentals, and more. To say you take a lot of risks when traveling would be an understatement.

So how can you mitigate the risks of missing a flight, lost luggage, and more? Enter travel insurance. Individuals and families can get specialty insurance that covers any issues that may arise during summer travels (long distance). While some individuals have existing insurance policies that cover them while traveling, many do not.

So here are a few travel insurance tips to think about this summer:

1. The Ins and Outs of Lost Baggage

Check your credit card to see if the terms protect lost baggage. Many credit cards provide lost baggage coverage. If the airline loses any of your things, you can file a claim with your credit card company and be reimbursed. Even if your card doesn't offer coverage, you can still file a claim with the airline provider without purchasing protection from them.

2. Trip Cancellation Insurance

You'll often want to purchase trip cancellation insurance, especially if you're traveling with a large group and have lots of moving pieces. If you're a single traveler going on a cheap flight, then a trip cancellation policy is probably a waste of money.

3. Accidental Death Insurance

If you already have a life insurance policy, then getting an accidental death insurance plan for traveling will be overkill. If you don't have a life insurance policy, getting an accidental death plan is a great idea. Your survivors would receive a sizable payout if something tragic occurred on your vacation.

4. Understanding Car Rental Insurance

If you have existing auto insurance, then you're usually covered in a rental. Check to ensure you are and then skip rental car insurance. If you're traveling for business, you'll want to get rental coverage, as business use is not covered under a typical auto insurance policy.

5. Mastering Medical on the Road

Emergency medical insurance is usually not needed. Most of the time your medical expenses in another country will be covered by your current policy. If your current health insurance provider doesn't cover you in a different country, then you'll want to grab an emergency policy that is good overseas. Just call your insurer and find out what is covered outside the United States.

Understanding Travel Insurance

If you're taking a trip this summer or fall, it's important to get in touch with your providers and make sure you're covered while on the road. Use the tips above to ensure you stay as covered as possible while spending as little as possible on precautions.

Oh, and don't forget to enjoy the trip!

For more information regarding travelers insurance contact Skyline Risk Management, Inc. (718) 267-6600 to voice your concerns.