Workers' Compensation Modifier RATE REVIEW

Your experience modifiers have become an increasingly important factor in today's ever changing construction environment. With prerequisite qualifications and minimum standard guidelines becoming more common, the results can directly impact your ability to bid on certain projects. We offer comprehensive strategies to improve your mod. rate and position it as an asset for marketing.

WOrkers' compensation premium recovery services

With a myriad of legal and financial tasks at hand, it can be easy to let something slip through the cracks. Often, whether through human error or oversight, this leads to overpaying insurance classifications, experience modification factors, payroll audits, and other factors that can affect your premium costs. Our specialized services provide the resources you need to recover overcharges.


risk control services

One of the best ways to manage your exposure to risk is by proactively implementing effective techniques and strategies to greatly reduce your losses if an unforeseen event does occur. Whether it's mandating driver training programs to mitigate the occurrence of vehicular accidents or installing fire sprinkler systems to minimize loss of assets, we customize coverage by providing the best ways to help you control your risk factors.

risk transfer services

It would be great if every claim could be handled the same way. Unfortunately, every claim is different. Sometimes additional steps need to be taken to reduce the reserves and net cost of claims. Our risk transfer services allow your business to transfer responsibility to another holder; ultimately, keeping you out of harm's way and allowing you to continue operating without undue loss.


When your business's financial future is at stake, it's imperative to take every step possible to keep it out of harm's way. One important method we help you take advantage of is analytics --- a risk model derived from statistical analysis of the likelihood of hardships that are likely to take place. Through careful calculated algorithms, this method identifies levels of risk so you can respond accordingly.

captive formation

By creating personalized coverage to meet the needs of your business, we utilize every available opportunity to assist contractors in achieving their financial and risk management goals. In doing so, designing an effective and efficient captive can be a valuable tool which allows you to effectively manage a myriad of risks, deferring taxes, transference of wealth, and improving income.


When claims arise, you have to be prepared and ready. Our team of claims consulting experts utilize their wealth of knowledge and years of experience to advise you through the entire process. We are able to assist with claims from beginning to end, introducing effective strategies to not only expedite the processing of the claim but to reduce the financial impact on a case by case basis.